Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

La Nuit de l’Homme

Launched in 2009, La Nuit de l’Homme is a true success in the premium masculine perfumery world. It has distinctive bottle and a highly sensual fragrance that explores the dark side of the masculine seduction.



The line annual animation strategy needs a collector edition renewing the fans’ adhesion to the product and creating a real impact on shelves. The graphic design of the bottle, the packaging and the POS materials must support the storytelling underlining the night scraps and must also infuse a rebellious spirit.


Recommendations and actions

Inspired by the chiaroscuro atmosphere of sleepless nights, nefarious traces divert the statutory style of the products range. The universe developed brings a clandestine touch to the franchise with rough and graphic infiltrations as well as raw contrasts.


Kouros is mythic perfume for men and has been so for more than 25 years. It is the timeless scent of triumphant masculinity as inspired by iconic Greek sculpture representing the young ideal manhood.



Refreshing the graphic codes while preserving the iconic basics.

Homogenising the entire products range: Kouros, Body Kouros and Kouros Silver.


Recommendations and actions

Colours and graphic proportions have been adjusted and the signature lightened to infuse the brand with a more contemporary spirit.

Gift boxes

The universe of Yves Saint Laurent Parfums is a mix of luxury and audacity. Dedicated to men and women,  those perfumes bring the concept of seduction to another level and carry a full range of emotions.



Creating a catchy design for the end-of-the-year
gift boxes.


Recommendations and actions

Gold and silver sustain kinetic graphic systems creating a strong impact and underlining preciousness.