This four-storey building is a complete architectural rehabilitation aimed at becoming a hotel business and it is looking for an identity. Hidden in the Marais district, this budding boutique hotel is facing the thematic overbid of the Parisian market.



Its atypical hospitality format – with only 5 rooms and 3 suites – implies a differentiated positioning.


Recommendations and actions

The owner and the architects have been recommended to opt for a strategic and elitist bias. The size constraints have been turned into desirability levers… with high profitability.

Decorative mood-boards shape the stylistic codes of sophisticated luxury. The hotel identity is developed around bespoke story-telling : from the name to the narration of each room, the concept of precious anonymity is key.

Just as the discreet signage, the editorial and
graphic guidlines have been designed for a variety
of implementations.

PR consulting

More ostentatious, the hotel media communication has been integrally supervised for the launch phase : an international visibility supporting the high selectivity of the Dupond-Smith.