Specialising in shoes and accessories that stand out with their singular designs and colours, this French family business has been faithful to its savoir-faire and its atypical creativity for nearly 50 years. Nowadays, Arche has an international distribution network with 30 directly operated stores and more than 500 wholesalers.



Respecting the creative ethic of this family business and launching it in an international and competitive dimension.

Regenerating the brand codes established in the 70’s and taking them to tomorrow’s level.


Recommendations & actions

Extending the perception of Arche’s creativity beyond the fashion world.

Defining and boosting coherent and strategic communication guidelines for short, medium and long terms actions.

Highlighting links between Arche and design.

Identifying, optimizing and sometimes creating brand content for B2B and B2C.

Developing an editorial and visual line federating internally and inspiring externally.

The logotype

The logo has been refreshed to put forward the new brand dynamic. It renews the signature established 30 years ago but aims at lasting. This is why it is pure, light and flexible.


Graphic identity

This guide is key for the application of the new signature, it is the reference for every single use. Writing the visual style guide meant running and mapping all the various uses of the Arche marking.

This guide lists all the needs and operational rules for: advertising, correspondence, retail and wholesale signing… It leads to the creation of compulsory new supports for a premium brand identity: receipt holder, loyalty card, gift paper, care booklet…

Retail packaging 

Strong visual themes enable a dynamic and even playful adaptation of the corporate identity:

A fully identity-red box with a tone on tone signature.

A white shopping bag doubled with an internal multicoloured paper bag.


Seasonal Portfolio

The former seasonal communication medium that was the catalogue became a portfolio. It is the only communication medium where the Arche creations are shown worn. Each collection, twelve scenes illustrate the Arche creative intentions for the final customers.

The advertising campaign and the video animations broadcasted in the shops come from this portfolio.


The inspirations book highlights the affinities of the brand with design.

This lifestyle « mini-magazine » is delivered B2C and lays emphasis on international emerging designers and gives birth to a dialogue between their creations and Arche’s ones.

Countertop easels

Countertop easels have an optimized format and an immediate visual impact. They are very often used in wholesale. They communicate the spirit of the collection and the brand signature without portraying a specific model.

Each season, three imageries explore the themes of movement and colours.


Theses postcards are used both in B2B and in B2C. They announce a new collection, invite to a special event and allow a customizable correspondence – whether printed or handwritten.

Special windows

Custom made visual presentation support business operations in the retail network.

These campaigns are either in partnership with Department Stores ( here with Isetan Tokyo ), or in accordance with the specific requirements of each brand’s store.